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About Us

Waldo is a web based company offering Work Management tools for Facility Managers and those requiring improved communications and management tools.

Currently we offer three "turnkey" products for your direct purchase through this website. Together they form a comprehensive work flow process.

Our products are the Result of Knowledge and "Hands On" Experience

We offer forty plus years of Computer Engineer/Programmer experience working with clients both large and small. Our product development process involves customer testing, improvements and modifications. This "customer process" assures you, whether you select Work Orders, Work Requests or Preventive Maintenance work management tools or the complete suite, they will fit your work process and produce both work and cost effeciency.

As part of FMSystems, Waldo shares a technology office in Minnesota and a regional office in Oregon. The Minnesota location serves the Midwest, the Oregon office location serves the Pacific Northwest and Waldo offers service to the entire United States.