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Building a System

If you like Waldo, you should consider exploring the Facility Manager System.

The Facility Manager System is a complete system beginning with building assessments through project development and budgeting to work application.

The Facility Manager System is for Managers with larger complexes of buildings, major buildings or those managers with complex or highly detailed projects. Managers of smaller groups of buildings or even a single building will benefit as well by using our tools.

Modules include:

  • Facility Assessments - selective or total facility
  • Scan to Archive - replaces plan room with digital plan files
  • Facility Views - Virtual tours of buildings and grounds from any web accessible computer.
  • Safety Views - Take your virtual tours; add gas line and electrical information, fire routes, add web accessible live web cams.
  • Asset Navigation - CAD plans for facility specifics e.g. roofs, overall site plans, floor plans with room numbers and more.
  • Project Development/Management - defines the project, description, budget, plans, documents, supplies, and all the data to complete the project.
  • Vendor Direct - vendor directory with direct contact for work orders, estimates, plans and document access and communication via any web-based computer.
  • Fetch - a retrieval system for files, projects, work orders, plans documents, all at your fingertips. Access to all data in your system for fast, easy illustrated report development.
  • Complete Work Management Suite - Work Orders, Work Requests and Preventive Maintenance

Flexible Purchase - All modules are available individually, in selected groups, or the complete Facility Manager System.

You can augment your existing process to "fill in areas of need" since most of our modules will work with and often improve present procedures.

Standard pricing applied to individual modules. Custom quotes for multi-module purchase, specialized needs and the magnitude of a total system is required.

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