where ever there's work to be done
Work Orders as simple as an e-mail.

Manage workorders via text message or e-mail. Waldo is a portal for vendor direct communications and management.

What - The project description is routed to the proper work source by issue type, account and/or building.

Where - The work order identifies the building and room number of the work location.

When - The work site is identified and states availability for work execution.

Work Orders as sophisticated as the job requires.

Control - Manage work orders via text message, email or directly in the FMSystems webware. Manage budget codes, enter supplies, track labor and manage costs.

Work Flow - Route work orders based on issue types and location to any person or group. Use our standard list or develop your own custom issue list. "Quick View" lists only those projects assigned to specific staff member or vendor. "Full View" offers the manager the complete work list and project status.

Networking - Our work order system wil grow with you. Work orders go beyond staff directly to selected service providers as you direct. To wit, the system acts as a portal.

Document Management - This system works with "Fetch Retrieval" to deliver documents, supply lists, system parts, owners manuals - whatever the project calls for.

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